Just 12 months to go until the UK departs the European Union

  • Written by Carola Godman Irvine
  • Posted on Mar 28, 2018
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Just 12 months to go until the UK departs the European Union, a defining moment in the history of our Nation. A time to celebrate, set the clocks ticking and prepare for the biggest party ever to rejoice in our regained freedom.

In the meantime Mrs May and her team need to recognise that it was a big mistake to allow the European Commissioners to believe that come March 2019, they will continue to have shared rights over our territorial waters until 2020, and if they have their way, well beyond.

Mr Tusk, President of the EU Council appears to think this is a done deal. It is time that someone other than Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nigel Farage informs him that it is not. The majority who voted to leave, including the fishermen, did so to regain sovereignty of our Parliament and British waters.

We cannot allow EU member states to continue plundering our fish. Their annual catch in UK waters vastly outweighs the amount of fish British vessels catch in member states’ waters.

I am beginning to think that there is a conspiracy looming which will trade off British agriculture and our fishing industry, in exchange for a deal to ensure the interests of the city and its fat-cats.

Mr Hammond has recently been looking exceedingly cocky. A well know Remoaner, I think he is beginning to scent what to him will be a successful Brexit. A soft Brexit, on his terms which I guess will also suit Messrs Barnier and Tusk.

David Davis and Michael Gove have said they will not trade away our fishing rights, and that we will take back control of our waters. After last week’s fiasco their words are sounding somewhat hollow.

I am not sure that just throwing a few dead fish off a boat in the Thames will do the trick. It may well be time for farmers and fishermen to rise up and be counted.

The latest attempt by those who refuse to accept the result of the EU referendum, to overturn its conclusion is pathetic. Those of us who voted to Leave are apparently so dumb that we were persuaded to vote Leave by a combination of mind-bending social media marketing, and illicit expenditure which ‘bought’ the result! You couldn’t make it up.

One who is peddling this latest propaganda, is Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former spin-doctor, who manufactured the ‘doggy dossier’ on Iraq. As Dominic Lawson says, it is beyond satire.

It is worth reminding ourselves that MPs voted 498 votes to 114 that the referendum decision should be honoured, and Article 50 was invoked.

At the General Election last year the Conservatives, Labour and the Democratic Unionists in Northern Ireland, all said they would honour the result of the referendum, and that the UK would no longer be a member of the single market

Only last week a poll by BMG asking if the Government should get on with implementing the result of the referendum, resulted in 57% agreeing, and 22%  disagreeing.

Despite all of the above the Brexit refuseniks believe they know better. Back in 2016 we were labelled ‘ignorant pond life that dragged ourselves from the estates to the ballot box to ruin everything for the rest’.

And now they are saying that Cambridge Analytica using information gleaned from Facebook profiles swung the vote. When in actual fact their offer of help was rejected by the Leave campaign team. As Dominic Lawson noted, CA played as big a role in the referendum as Scooby-Do!

Those who like to believe some kind of brainwashing lay behind the result, are now grasping at straws and will try and persuade the gullible that we were targeted by spooky Americans. One has to wonder what they will come up with next, when this story runs its course.