Grass Fed Beef and the EU

  • Written by Carola Godman Irvine
  • Posted on Oct 29, 2020
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Most of those who know me well will admit that I prefer to talk to my cattle, with of course exceptions including my family and close friends. It is therefore interesting that research has concluded that cattle regularly spoken to produce much tastier meat than those which aren’t.
This explains why those who buy Ote Hall Farm Sussex grass fed beef, without exception, report how tasty it is. I regularly chatter to my guys at least once if not twice a day!
Certain people believe that talking to flowers encourages them to grow. However, chatting to my cattle somehow makes more sense, and perhaps appear less loopy than talking to pot plants! Maybe!
The idea that cattle over 27 months should be taxed, and encouraging beef farmers to slaughter cattle by 18 months, has clearly not been thought through. This would result in the general public never knowing what mature extensively grass fed delicious beef actually tastes like, a decision which will certainly not save the planet. Who is coming up with these crack pot ideas?
The public must be allowed to choose what they buy, and decide if they want quality or quantity. The UK has the highest rate of obesity in Europe and we are the fifth fattest nation in the world. I am not sure those who are pushing their ideas to save the planet should be doing so at the expense of the health of the nation by pushing poor quality fast food down our throats.
So, the EU have decided to play dirty, and President Macron in particular, keen to retain his presidency at next year’s election, is encouraging French fishermen to lob missiles at British fishing vessels. 
Boris is right to stand his ground. He has given the men from Brussels enough rope to hang themselves, or actually play fair and keep to their word. But no, they expect the UK to do all the compromising, including rolling over and allowing Brussels to call the shots: remain within the Customs Union, and the Common Fisheries Policy, thus allowing the French in particular, to continue plundering fish from British waters, as they have been doing for decades and putting British fishing fleets out of business.
It is all very well for the Europhiles to say that fish caught in our waters are mostly consumed by Europeans as the British eat mostly cod and salmon, but surely it is the right for our fishermen to harvest our fish, selling into EU markets if they wish, thus benefitting the British fishing economy. 
The current status quo is plane highway robbery.
EU president Charles Michel recently called the United Kingdom, ‘A dangerous neighbour’, comparable to Libya or Russia. If that is the case Boris really has the right to rescind the Withdrawal Agreement, which was signed on the basis of a promise that a trade deal would not only be signed but executed in 2020.
No doubt best friends of Brussels Tony Blair, John Major, Gordon Brown, Theresa May and co, will again hit the headlines attacking the PM. The EU will of course complain that the UK is behaving like a ‘rogue state’, and retreat into their bunker. They are currently giving no ground and counting on Boris rolling over which he clearly will not. It will be interesting to see what happens this week.
Had Mrs May during her catastrophic premiership gone for a EFTA deal instead of her ridiculous Chequers give away, none of this would be necessary. Boris has had to pick up the pieces, doing what is right by putting the UK first. If that ends up as no deal so be it. The UK will prosper and thrive as an independent nation - the world is our oyster.
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