Current News 28-04-22

  • Written by Andrew Davis
  • Posted on Apr 28, 2022
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Henry Plumb Dies

The death has been announced of Lord Plumb on 15th April at the grand old age of 97.  He had an extraordinary career starting when he left school at 15 to run a 300 acre farm his father had acquired.  This was in 1940, wartime, with few workers, although he managed to recruit some German prisoners of war from a local camp.  He rose through the ranks of the NFU to become President in 1970, at a time before we joined the Common Agricultural Policy when the Minister of Agriculture and President of the NFU organised British farming.  He was elected a Member of the European Parliament and served from 1979 to 1998, as President of the Parliament from 1987 to 1989, the only Briton to hold the post.  He was knighted in 1973 and became a life peer in 1987, sitting in the House of Lords until his retirement in 2017.  He was truly a giant figure in farming and politics for over half a century.

Environment Agency Exodus

It is reported that salaries paid to Environment Agency staff are so low that many are leaving, claiming that they cannot afford the escalating cost of living.  Recruitment is described as ‘a nightmare’ whilst institutional expertise is being lost as experienced staff resign.  This comes in the context of severe criticism of the Environment Agency for poor performance despite a large increase in its budget.

Protected Areas may not help Wildlife

A global study has found that protecting areas of land across the world for wildlife has limited success.  Assessing bird populations in wetland protected areas, numbers in some have risen, in others they have not.  The conclusion is that it is the management that is critical not just the designation.  It is a timely warning when Governments around the world are aiming to increase protected areas to 30% of farmland by 2030.

Lamb sold to help Ukraine

A nine year old boy has raised £600 for the Ukraine appeal by selling one of his lambs.  His father, who has white sheep, bought his two sons a Blue Texel ewe each.  A friend then gave them a Black Beltex ram to tup the ewes resulting in black lambs.  The boys were so upset by the plight of Ukrainian children shown on the news that Oliver sold his first lamb, born this time last year, through Welshpool Market to donate to the cause.