Current News 12-05-22

  • Written by Andrew Davis
  • Posted on May 12, 2022
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Free Range Eggs

Restrictions introduced due to avian influenza last November meant that hens had to be housed.  There then followed a 16 week period when eggs could still be sold as free range even though the hens were not allowed outside.  That ran out on 21st March, the date from which eggs had to be described as barn eggs rather than free range.  However, the restrictions have now been relaxed so that free range eggs can once more be sold.

Farm Machinery Looted in Ukraine

There have been reports that Russian troops have been stealing combines, tractors and other farm machinery valued at over £4 million from a dealership in south east Ukraine.  The kit was fitted with GPS tracker devices that showed the machinery was transported on low loaders to Chechnya.  However, it will be of little benefit to the thieves as the equipment could be controlled remotely, making it inoperable!

Fewer Insects on Windscreens

A recent survey has found a sharp decline in the number of insects that ‘splat’ on car windscreens and registration plates, down 60% since 2004.  This backs up other reports that have found a severe decline in insect populations across the world that conservationists have described as terrifying.  However, other surveys suggest that this is simplistic with varying results and some insect groups have increased in number.  Maybe the lower ‘splat rate’ is due to improved car aerodynamics.

Cleaner air, less rain

As farmers and gardeners are desperate for rain, there has been a quirky theory about the lack of precipitation put forward by one eminent scientist.  It has been suggested that particulates in the atmosphere act as a focus for raindrops to form and that their presence in the air declined significantly during the pandemic leading to a lack of rainfall!