Carola Godman Irvine. Farmer, Campaigner & Columnist. 30-06-21

  • Written by Carola Godman Irvine
  • Posted on Jun 30, 2021
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Last Saturday we hosted our first wedding celebration since 2019. What a perfect day it was for our charming bride and groom, their families, and friends. Somehow, they even managed to see off the rain which had been threatening their day all week.

The theme was The Greatest Showman, and what a show they put on. The climax being the most amazing ten-minute firework display set to music. (My apologies to the locals who complained, but it was all over by 10.20)

The red and white striped marquee set the circus theme for what was to come. Magic, games, spectacular lighting, and all sorts of fun – Congratulations to the happy couple for bringing life, normality and joy back to Ote Hall.

As far as tractors go, a Lamborghini is not exactly my idea of a sensible workhorse, but I am sure some of the ‘diesel heads’ amongst my fellow farmers, and clearly Jeremy Clarkson, could argue that until the cows come home. But I am with Kaleb who said it is the worst tractor anyone could have!

What a triumph for British agriculture as Jeremy and his exceptional support team, including Kaleb Cooper who deserves an Oscar. Jeremy’s girlfriend Lisa Hogan who is equally gifted at bringing the man down to earth. Land agent Charlie Ireland who tries to keep Jeremey’s spending in check, and Gerald Cooper who clearly says what he thinks but quite frankly I do not understand a word.

Jeremy shows a surprising passion for the land, the countryside, the environment, and his sheep. Why anyone but a masochist would entertain using sheep to ‘mow the grass’ when a perfectly good topper or a small herd of beef stores, would have done a much better job with less hassle, anguish and cost.

This series is bringing a brand-new audience into the countryside and hopefully giving them an understanding of the hard work, time, commitment, battle with the elements and red tape, and costs which farmers cope with day in and day out to produce food and manage our beautiful countryside.

No one under the age of 70 watches Countryfile or the other poorly presented and skewed views of the real countryside and farming. Jeremy already had a natural following of millions who have watched him and his co-presenters tearing up tyer rubber across continents in all manner of vehicles. This transition into a completely different way of life and pace, alongside his natural humour, intelligence, perception, and practical ability to take on a challenge, is obviously drawing his fan club into another dimension. Good for him.

I am offended and I demand the BBC does something about it. Just as the BBC’s Pride Board which comprises LGBT staff, demand to attend commissioning meetings and play a role in ‘editorial processes’, so to vet transgender news stories before they are aired on Radio 4's flagship Today program, I too want the same right to have actual experienced farmers on hand whenever farming, food production, the environmental and countryside matters are discussed.

I dare say the medical profession, industry, fishing, house builders, educationists, the police, fire fighters, and Uncle Tom Cobbly and all, feel exactly the same. What is so incredibly special about the seemingly elite LGBT and Pride people?

The amount of ill-informed garbage which is spouted time and time again by individuals brought into the studio from God knows where, with presenters fawning over their every word is cringe making. You can as they say fool the public some of the time but surely it is not right to do so all the time.

So, until we get a BBC’s Farming, Food and Countryside Matters’ Board of real farmers, which is consulted on who and what goes out on air between 6am and 9am, I and my fellow farmers have a right to remain deeply offended.

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