Carola Godman Irvine. Farmer, Campaigner & Columnist. 08-09-21

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  • Posted on Sep 08, 2021
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Now that we have completed most of the harvest, the weather has decided to behave as if it were summer. Farmers have been struggling to combine grain which has stubbornly remained above 16/17% moisture. Not ideal if you are storing it and aiming for 15% and below.

Had we left it much longer there was every chance the grain would have fallen from the ears. In what has been a dodgy year with unhelpful weather throughout, that was a risk we considered not worth taking.

We now start the process of preparing the ground for autumn drilling. We hope the conditions will allow good plant establishment before winter sets in.

The wedding season is over, and although some Saturdays our brides were dodging the showers, we had nothing but compliments regarding the venue, the beautiful grounds, and the service Ote Hall provides. It was lovely to see everyone returning to normal as they celebrated their marriage with family, friends, good food and music.

Enter the word ‘sustainability’ into your Thesaurus and the result is, ‘we couldn’t find a similar word’. I also note that there is no such word in the Oxford Dictionary.

I recently heard someone ask, ‘what exactly does sustainability mean’? A good question and one which got me thinking, so I decided to check it out.

We have all used ‘sustainability’ in various contexts, I certainly have. I think believing it covers our backs on the environmental, when talking about farming and food production, general land use, and our overall attitude to managing the countryside, amongst other things.

It turns out to be a ‘hybrid’, no doubt dreamt up by some boffin tucked away in a dusty old attic at Defra.

It is beginning to dawn upon more and more of us that we should be asking more questions and not taking as gospel truth the facts, figures and forward planning laid before us by government bodies, environmentalists (more on them later), and minority groups.

Climate change cannot be denied and all of us want to do our part to protect future generations from the excesses which seem to come with increasing severity year on year.

It is also clear that Defra should be replacing ‘sustainability’, the meaning of which is unclear, with food security and self-reliance. We cannot continue to expect our food to be shipped across the globe to fill supermarket shelves. For the sake of our health and keeping a productive healthy countryside, we should return to simpler diets, seasonal and nourishing food including animal sourced protein.

Too much of the natural world is being destroyed by deforestation. Replacing natural land cover with industrialized agriculture, growing soya and palm oil which are largely responsible for global warming and climate change.

Deforestation and ‘factory farming’, result in the destruction and annihilation of many native wildlife species, and indigenous populations.

It is beyond belief that Extinction Rebellion have been allowed to trash parts of London, disrupt people’s lives and businesses, and cost the taxpayer millions keeping them contained, protecting buildings and people from their futile and pathetic behavior.

The cost of arresting the more aggressive ones and taking them through the legal system will be ongoing and clearing up the mess they leave behind. They clearly have little regard for the environment or maintaining a healthy economy.

The UK really is a soft touch. They would not dare venture into countries and continents which are the real culprits for ‘climate change’, such as China, India, Indonesia, and South America.

Surely there are existing by-laws in place which allow the police to banish this rabble form our streets, and or at least turn on Boris’s water cannon which Theresa May stupidly gave away as soon as she stepped into No 10 Downing Street.

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