• Written by Carola Godman Irvine
  • Posted on Feb 05, 2020
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Finally we leave the European Union after three years of procrastination. We are once again in control of our sovereignty and destiny.

The despair amongst the remaining members of the EU is clear. Having condemned our decision to Leave as deranged, and predicting we would end up on the road to hell in a handcart, it has at last dawned upon them that we have got it 100% right.

As Alexander Schoenburg, Editor-at-large at BILT, Germany's biggest selling paper, recognises in his excellent and widely read Daily Mail article; far from the predictions of Project Fear that we are about to enter economic meltdown, Britain is in fact "Ready to prosper".

Last week the CBI reported the biggest surge in confidence on record among manufacturers, with companies planning to revamp investment. Unemployment is falling to its lowest since L974, employment is at 33 million, the highest-ever.

The pound is rising - credit is readily affordable - the property market is picking up, and there is a significant drop in Government borrowings.

The British economy is bigger than the 18 smallest EU countries combined, so on a purely fiscal level, the loss of our contribution will have huge implications for the EU's budget.

Brexit, as Her Von Schoenburg reminds us, so often sneered at by the federalists, has shone a harsh spotlight on Europe's deep seated structural problems. In Germany the economy is on the brink of.

Von Schoenburg goes on to say, a similar story in Italy which is stuck in perma-recession where the state machine is hopelessly inefficient.

The UK with a solid majority government, will according to the International Monetary Fund, be the fastest growing G7 economy in Europe over the next ten years. Huge amounts of foreign investment are already being attracted, and we have an unrivalled record on business start-ups, an exceptional financial services sector, and we are a global pioneer of scientific and genetic research.

The UK economy is envied by of the rest of Europe; our manufacturing industry is accelerating at a healthy rate - 200,000 new jobs have been created in the last three months - wages are up at twice the rate of inflation.

The UK is attracting talent into our economy, right on Europe's doorstep. And, as Andrew Gundlach, one of Germany's most famous banking families, now President and co-CEO of Bleichroeder said, "The whole point of Brexit was to align with the high growth of American and China, not the low growth of Europe."

He said, "Boris is a charismatic, election winning Prime Minister who has forced through Brexit partly thanks to the sheer force of his personality and his ability to outmanoeuvre his opponents.'
We are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Our Queen and the Monarchy are without equal, and with Boris leading the Government, we are a truly powerful nation.

I would respectfully suggest that those who persist in talking down our wonderful country should form a disorderly queue behind Ms Sturgeon and her chums, and head off across the Channel to live in the EU, while the rest of us get on with working hard and supporting our 'very' United Kingdom, which is without equal.

Friday is Independence Day - let us celebrate and look ahead to an exciting and successful future.

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